Tuesday, 4 September 2007

HBA Island: Rebuilding The Jungle

Ahhhh, the work of a terraforming jungle lover is both huge and small at the same time – huge in scale, but the small details matter. I’m now, after many hours of replanting the jungle last night, ready to start on the details… the sounds, the paths, the clearings, the strange finds waiting to be, well, found. But for now, here is the progression of the island so far.

1) The bare-naked island now doubled in size – that’s a great heaving 8160 sq m and 1866 prims I can use. Oh momma.

2) Here comes the sea! The large yellow and green square is a wee land-flattening tool. It’s a great gizmo and dirt cheap.

3) By night time, I’d added the new welcome area (the little island at the bottom), rebuilt the camp and the wreck and even tested the (brilliant) weather system.

4) The next day I added basic ground cover (grass and leaves) and basic trees. I’d previously added a large prim wall to hide the shop next door that always seemed to make taking photos hard.

5) Then I started on deeper ground cover (shrubs, bushes and mini-trees)

6) Before adding the highly detailed plants I’d bought from Rezolution (great store, you must go!)

7) Night time again. Another day’s work done. :)

This week I’ll be getting on with the details. There should be a new” Island” post out next week… RL willing :)

HBA – Building the Jungles of Tomorrow!

UPDATE (7th Sept 07): Here's a shot of the camp in a storm :)

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