Monday, 3 September 2007

Hunting Involvium: Stalled!

UPDATE: Yay! JS is back and the adventure continues - check out the comments below.

I was close! I could almost smell the raw, throbbing vein (ooo!) of purest Involvium. I had found what I believed to be the island but the strange and beautiful flowers JS had thought-created still escaped me. Never mind, I thought, I shall just wait for the next installment from the camp. I shall use the clues it would contain to narrow my search down, to home in further until I too could get my hands on the raw, pulsing meat (yikes!) of pure creation.

And then... nothing! JS has gone quiet. No more reports. No more clues. No more chances for schoolboy homoerotic humour. Boo! Boo I say and thrice Wail!

Is this the fizzle I feared or merely the prelude to a good, hard bang. Ooo! Another innuendo! I knew I could squeeze another out. And another! Sometimes they just come easy... see :)

Where was I? Oh yes, JS Tomorrow - come back and finish the story! My suspenders are killing me!

HBA - in suspeders.


J.S. Tomorrow said...

Hi HBA, I've been super busy on the island... what with exploration and all.

You did indeed find the workshop in which the boat was fitted by our team member Ethan...

I've posted something new. I dated the journal entry for when I wrote it, but finding a signal here is mighty difficult...

It seems that the island is metamorphosing again. I'm getting the feeling that, although this chapter is closed, this island means further adventures to come.

Right now, the island looks a lot like Rapa-Nui. Who knows what it will look like tomorrow?

I will talk to the team...

- JS

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hi JS - I'm really glad to hear you are safe and still adventuring. I'll check out the blog now and pop over to the island once I get a break from re-planting my jungle :)