Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Island: Priorities For Survival

The Journal of Professor Headonius Burroffski,
Assumed Date:- 6th July 1930. Mid-afternoon.
Location:- Unknown Island.

1) Shelter:- For now, I have shelter. If I am to be here longer than a few days and if the weather turns nasty again then I’m afraid my tent won’t be enough, but for now it shall have to suffice. I will have to search for a more secure location soon.

2) Water:- This is urgent. I have a few days of clean water left at the most and my new home is already proving to be somewhat hot under the noon sun.

3) Fire:- It will be cold at night; I need to cook; I need a signal at the ready and, of course, I will need to boil any water I find. I have a book of water-proof matches, but they will not last long. I need to find some stones with which I can make a ready spark. Tinder I shall keep both with me and in the makeshift store with the wood.

4) Food:- Whilst not as desperate as the water, nevertheless I will need to turn my attention to eating. Without food my attention will slip and simple jobs will become nigh on impossible. I have to stay healthy and alert if I want to get back to you Rose, and a proper diet will be important. I have my rod so I shall try my hand at catching some fish for tonight’s meal, but I will need to investigate the local flora and fauna and look at making traps.

5) Location:- Where am I? Is there anyone on this island bar me? Am I near shipping lanes? I have to explore this island. I will need to set up signal fires that can be lit at a moments notice. If I can find enough material, I will set up a large SOS sign on the beach.

6) Health:- My medical supplies are woefully limited. I shall have to be very careful in the coming days and weeks (God Forbid! Months? Years?)

So there it is Rose, that’s my plan. I shall set up a fishing line now and see what I can catch for supper. Then tomorrow I shall begin my first explorations of my new home and see if I can’t locate some good, clean water.

Sleep well my love. I shall think of you and nothing but you from now until the day I make my way back to you.

All my love,
Your Doni x
To Be Continued...
Visit The Island here and follow the story as it unfolds over the next few weeks.


Janey Bracken said...

The Professor seems very well organised at the moment, he knows exactly what he needs to survive in the situation he has found himself in. However, I can't help thinking that the jungle holds some deadly secrets. Do you think the Professor should make a weapon of some kind, doubt if I'd feel safe in that tent in the dark, dark night, especially if the fire goes out. Can't wait to see how the Professor will cope once his rations are gone.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hiya Janey!

I think it must be that cool, analytical brain of his :)

As for a weapon... well I know I'd feel safer, but I don't think he's even got a flare pistol! He needs to search that wreckage some more I think :)

Let's hope he catches some food soon - I've seen crabs and squirrels around... ;)