Tuesday, 18 September 2007

In Other News: Pinkie's Birthday Bash

A whole three weeks in the planning, the biggest secret I've managed to keep in SL to date came together this weekend when I (with the help of Janey and Hessa) managed to get Pinkie (one of my oldest mates in SL) to her surprise birthday party without her guessing :-D

Thanks to Hessa for the gratis loan of her fab Halo club, Kendra Fallon for being a top Superstar DeeJay (look her up in-world and book her!), Janey for the cake and being my wingman, all her friends for coming and, finally, to the Minimax duo for staying the hell away.

Here are some of the pictures I (and others) took on the night. As always, if anyone has anymore, send them to me for addition :). Also, I'll be passing out a photo album I'm making with my new THiNC book printing press (swanky!).

Pinkie boogieing on down (by Marisa)

Big Pinkie Is Watching You, Mr Antfarm!

Janey always has sexy shoes ;-)

Rusty and Dom strut their funky stuff!

Janey, Ali & Pinkie - The Murray Girls!

Bouncer Ree keeps an eye out for bovver!

Pinkie Flashes poor Ash!

Ali & Stef get their groove on!

Hessa - Looking as gorg as ever :)

Dick, me, 123Lorelei and Vixen all looking sharp!

Vixen looking mighty elegant (freelance security on guard behind her)

Roy andI putting on a show :-D

The party in full swing :)

Ooooh, Mr Antfarm... Looking good! (photo by Marisa)

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