Monday, 10 September 2007

BB Flashmob: The Greenies

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Edit: 18th Sept 07.
Bugger. In my eagerness to make the post on Pinkie's Birthday Bash look good, I wiped this one in error. This never happens with my other (non-SL) wordpress blog. Blogger is shit in comparisson. The orginal post was about the first ever Backpacking Burro's Flashmob Exlporation of a sim, in the case the Greenies sim. It was a good post. Funny. To the Point. With pictures. Arsebuggery. Blogger is crap. I'll calm down and tray again.

Re-Post: To come... Maybe... Here!!


It's not all serious exploration, the life of a Backpacking Burro you know. No, we have fun too. We flashmob places. Not in a griefer way, just in a 'get as many Backpacking Burros exploring a build at the same time as you can' way :)

This was us at the famed Greenies sim. We beamed in under the floorboards and made our way through a doll's house into the amazingly massive house that the Rezzable company have built.

That's (left to right): Douglas, TR, Ali, Sennen (I think), Kat, Rusty (I think), Mystery Man!!, Janey. I'm at the front and we were joined later by Pinkie.

We wandered around the sim splitting up and coming back together many times to share the amazing things we found. Apart from one incident when I got a right bad tempered bollocking for leaving my hot air balloon parked by the huge bread bin, we had a great time.

Ali and me zooming about on a dirt bike - I think she was telling me what a crap driver I am after the second crash!

Ali found it safer with one of the Greenies than on my bike!

So did I! (this was shortly before The Great Unwarranted Bollocking so I'm still smiling)

Meanwhile, Kat sided with the Kitty against the Greenie!

Pinkie, Janey, and I decided to try and help the spooked canary - poor thing!

I released my inner dancer...

...tried to rescue a silly Greenie...

... before deciding these Greenies had a deathwish!

In the end, we all had a great night out... in... out... well, you know what I mean. There are lots more pics but if anyone wants me to put there's up, send them to me in-world with a permission card so I know I can :) One last one of Me, Pinkie & Janey - what can I say... Pinkie really loves cheese!!

If you haven't been, go - there is loads to do and see (just don't park a balloon for more than 30 seconds if you don't want to get banned from every Rezzable sim! You have been warned!)Watch the Backpacking Burro group notices for more flashmob visits soon!



vint falken said...

You did not race with them? =d

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hi Vint,

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean?

If you meant did I race my balloon, then no - I just flew it up from the floor and parked it by the bread bin. From there I walked over to the sink and I guess this is when the person who told me to remove it thought I had simply abandoned it. I took it back and rezzed it up when needed, but was careful not to leave it parked, but to de-rez it instead.

To be honest, I can see the person's point - prim clutter ruins the experience for all. But they way I was told was rude. I'm not a griefer or kid - I respond better to being reasonably talked to like an adult. Still, the sim was great and I didn't let it ruin my night.

HBA :)